Wednesday, March 12, 2008


1) today's is jacob's birthday. i love how all the nephews have their idiosyncrasies. jacob displays a more serious demeanor on the surface but under the layers, he's jokey and blithe. probably knows more about fantasy football than any other 10-year old boy!
2) i always wanted a snoopy snow cone maker when i was a kid. i didn't get one until i was 22.
3) whether it's disneyland, baseball games, or a county fair, i always need to buy a churro! centuries ago, churros were a daily staple in the diet of spanish shepherds. it remains a popular breakfast in spain.
4) y has trouble on wednesdays when all the kindergarteners gather in the pod for music. he made it out this morning. i sat about 20 feet away while marisa facilitated. he then told her he wanted me to sit next to him. =) he has made tremendous strides! he used to run away from any teacher but now he's requesting to be near them.
5) the ethnic side of me devours boiled peanuts! in the philippines, they are eaten as street food. since they are boiled, antioxidants from the shells are added to the peanuts producing four times more than raw peanuts.
6) anemonefish, commonly known as the clownfish, are a popular aquarium fish. cindy had a few of these. there are 28 different species, but i especially like the orange, black and white striped creature.
7) on the jim rome show, jim was talking about a listener who detested the show and refused to tune his radio to the station during the duration of it. jim rome said to give his show a chance, to listen to it for two weeks then formulate an opinion. james used to rave about him ten years back. i agreed with the disgruntled listener - i couldn't stand him but this was based on less than 10 minutes of his babbling. i listen to his show every chance i get while traveling between cases.
8) nine - the first composite lucky number according to wikipedia. i'm still trying to figure out what that means. this has been my lucky number since 1994 when nick van exel was playing for the lakers. his game was flashy and he was known for his clutch shots. nine also happens to be my birth month number too. this number is my strategic approach in making decisions (poker, menu dishes, tracks on albums).
9) i hung out with j this afternoon. it was a two-hour session but seemed to go by in minutes because we had that much fun.
10) i called jakes this evening to wish him a happy birthday. it was nice to hear all the familial laughter and voices in the background.