Saturday, March 22, 2008

cold and hot

1) we left friday afternoon to snowboard at sugarbowl resort. ryan nagata was able to get a comped room at the peppermill casino and tekeshi hooked us up with $25 lift tickets. perfect weather to board! after lunch, we stripped down some layers and i just need a t-shirt under my jacket. it was a good day on my board.
2) we stopped at ikeda’s to pick up some snacks on our trip up. since i’m still fasting from chocolate, gummy bears had to fill the void.
3) kimchi is a traditional korean fermented dish made of vegetables. when we were in hawaii, marianne took us to this place to take some plates back to the beach. we found a good place in j-town that has good noodle and kalbi rib dishes. it’s their kimchi that definitely stands out.
4) i stuck to video poker while we were at the casino. i did win over $50 on a 75 cent hand of deuces wild poker by hitting five aces.
5) the hotel room that we stayed at had a magnifying mirror. i am obsessed with every stray hair and freckle on my face. every time i go down to san diego, i spend many a nights in front of cindy’s mirror, decorated with soft lighting, scrutinizing my visage.
6) my mouth gets so dry when i’m on the slopes. when we ate lunch, i went through a bottle of powerade like water, and again at the end of our day.
7) i brought a few cliff bars for us on the mountain. handy way to build up your energy.
8) we kept the bottles of bud light going while we were gambling. ry figured if he kept ordering, we would always end “up” with our earnings.
9) this picture is taken at the carlsbad flower fields. you can see this beautiful landscape off the 5 freeway.
10) a weekend of snowboarding, gambling and beer drinking…some weekends can’t get any better.