Monday, November 30, 2009

love actually

1) nyac and milo are two otters from the vancouver aquarium. they are engaging in a natural instinct called “rafting” that keeps otters from floating away from each other in rough waters.
2) last weekend, ry and i went to sacramento to visit kaitlen. i love how it was ryan's suggestion to go see them. kaitlen is by far the best infant i've met! jill was able to hand her over to me without her hesitating or whining. ry said it was the longest he was able to hold and play with a baby. she's an angel.
3) i've mentioned these edamame keychains before. nagata and i cleaned out a few vendors in hong kong, spending about $1 per knick knack. i gave a green one to peyton and a pink one to zoe. they absolutely loved them! nice to see that joy can be spread by simple things.
4) i never realized how sweet and soothing colbie caillat's voice was. i think her song fallin' for you is just too precious! i especially feel grateful that after over four years with ryan, this song can still make me feel the butterflies in my stomach.
5) on top of loving the apparel and trinkets at anthropologie, i am fascinated with the design and decor of the store. this caught my eye - an ostrich intricately formed out of paper.
6) our prius came with complimentary satellite radio on xm for three months. i love that there's an oprah station on there! i love listening to previous shows, as well as catching the gayle king show. there's something that i find so comforting about hearing a familiar voice while i'm driving.
7) jill has thrived and shined in the entire state of motherhood. she amazes me on how she has the ability to balance a demanding career as well as making note of all the little steps kaitlen makes on a daily basis.
8) vanessa's boyfriend won a raffle to host a shopping party at the sports basement in sunnyvale. ry was able to snag a new snowboard that originally was priced at $500 for 50% off, and i bought this snazzy outfit. i'm sure i'll be spotted quite easily on the slopes!
9) i completely agree with this quote...i am thankful that at least four years of my life has not been a waste of my time.
10) here is a researched fact about love: having a romantic relationship makes both genders happier. the stronger the commitment, the greater the happiness!