Sunday, August 16, 2009

they just wanna...they just wanna

1) mel and i having a little too much fun with theresa's gifts.
2) the first shot of the night.
3) me and mel with theresa and her sister-in-law, janice.
4) banana/penis game results.
5) heading out to the strip.
6) theresa being a good sport and following through all of her bride's tasks which includes obtaining a dude's sock and getting another guy to take his shirt off.
7) dancing on the floor.
8) dancing on the booth.
9) our pics ending up on wynn's blush website.
10) reconnecting with dear old friends - theresa, melanie, sabrina, annalisa, and jocelyn. and meeting some amazing new friends - rebecca, the twins, marie, janice, lyn and lisa!