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whistle while you work

1) if you can't figure out a reason to smile, here are ten: smiling makes you attractive, is contagious, changes our mood, relieves stress, builds your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, releases endorphins, lifts the face thus making you look younger, makes you seems successful, and helps you stay positive.
2) i came across this cute cartoon while i was stumbling. it's been a while since i've missed someone like this. i guess that qualifies as a happy thought.
3) kimya dawson sings a few songs on the juno soundtrack. i was listening to tire swing today. her soothing voice, lighthearted lyrics and playful whistling makes this song one of my favorites. i especially love the line: if i'm a spinster for the rest of my life my arms will keep me warm on cold and lonely nights
4) besides the amazing photography of this picture, it makes me smile because it reminds me of a childhood memory with my brother. for some reason, he had this urge to throw a gallon of milk at me to "catch". it, of course, fell straight on the carpet. the smell of spoiled milk lingered for months, but the reminiscence lives on for years!
5) wilhelm staehle created these postcards for his silhouette masterpiece theatre. this one makes me laugh.
6) my hair is getting longer than i usually let it get. this picture of nicole richie is my next inspiration.
7) i've been working with cynthia on cases since august now. officially, she's in her late 50s but with her energy, charisma and creativity, you would think she was fresh out of college. our job isn't easy...we dedicate so much of our time in training new staff who more than likely don't end up sticking around. her enthusiasm is contagious. not only do i enjoy working with her, but she has provided me with such wisdom in dealing with life in general.
8) there's something about circles and jewelry that always catches my eye. circles represent eternal totality as well as the feminine spirit. still trying to figure out how that relates to me.
9) i found this popping edamame keychain on the pod contains three beans. the middle bean has 12 random faces that display whenever you squeeze the bean.
10) i didn't complain so much about my job when it was more about the kids and not so much the everyday dealings with administrators and parents. there are days when my job frustrates me but when you're living in a world where companies are laying off hundreds at a time, a steady job is definitely something to be happy about.

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