Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

do it yourself

1) i stumbled across this website that has step by step instructions paired with photos on how to make a tasty lasagna. in addition, there are specifics about how to cook it perfectly to give as a frozen gift. many a time have i searched for such recipes to give to new parents, a friend who's been ill or injured or your typical bachelor/bachelorette who needs extra help in the kitchen.
2) michael singer is a photography with a website titled this picture was in his april archives.
3) this ornate, magical cake almost looks possible to create with the visual provided.
4) apparently, there are everyday spices that may improve your health and mood. for instance, cayenne pepper has traditionally been used to improve circulation and to treat pain. furthermore, it can help to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. spices that i use quite frequently are ginger (to aide with digestions) and peppermint (to relieve headaches).
5) JH created a the website his inspiration was quite similar to mine in developing this blog. "in general, i am a pretty negative person. this project has been a chance for me to focus on the positive for a change." a good cause with pleasant thought of love.
6) the fontenelle house built in 1912 has since been restructured into 7 2-story lofts in 2004 located in phoenix, arizona. i just love the exposed brick and ductwork, high ceilings, hardwood floors, granite slab countertops, and wood beam ceiling. a dream house indeed.
7) each of these convenient kits priced under $5 contain a quick remedies for ailments such as allergies, insomnia, headaches, blisters and scrapes.
8) bright and adorable bumblebee cupcakes constructed out of sliced almonds and chocolate covered raisins. perfect for the spring.
9) intriguing umbrella art installation at island six studios, moganshan road, shanghai.
10) not to take anything away from my closest friends in the bay area, but i have been living on my own up here for nearly 8 years now. it's easy to take the road of independence by not asking for help regardless of the circumstance. whether it was hiring movers when i lived in my own apartment or spending a new year's eve contently alone or lifting things half my weight, i've always took pride in doing things myself. i have gotten better at asking for help in the last few years though. that's something i'm still learning to accept as a gift rather than a sign of failure.