Friday, March 7, 2008

sensory input

1) sight – i was hooked on alias circa 2003! i could watch the reruns repeatedly. i worshipped sydney bristow’s character and fantasized over michael vaughn. i have yet to find a drama to fulfill those needs.
2) taste – deep fried dough sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. be them plain, fruit filled or drizzled with chocolate sauce, i love beignets!
3) hearing – my favorite game on the wii is guitar hero. i get all those songs stuck in my head…smashing pumpkins’ cherub rock, metallica’s one, weezer’s my name is jonah. definitely satisfies my aural desires.
4) aside from the five conventional senses, humans have at least nine different senses. although my family doesn’t fall under any of them, there is another definition of “sense” that categorizes mine. “an ability to perceive and be motivated by moral and ethical principles”. this intelligence is something that i know was inspired by my family.
5) sight – ordinarily you would associate the topic of food with the sense of taste, but with the show top chef, it strictly completes my visual cravings.
6) smell/taste/touch – i’m stunned that i enjoy smoking cigars. i’ve always been opposed to cigarette smoking but for some reason have taken such a liking to cigars.
7) touch – susan lazar came out with a clothing line for babies called egg. her symbol represents the beginning – pure potential.
8) body awareness – many kids with autism struggle with proprioception. y seemed very disorganized during the majority of our session. i tried deep tissue massage, the brushing method, using play-doh as a calming technique. nothing worked. it wasn’t until i took some paper and laid on my stomach on the floor to draw did his energy stabilize.
9) smell - noralie bought me a candle from the white barn candle company years ago. it was pralines and cream scented. it was the most fragrant and aromatic candle i’ve ever had.
10) i studied sign language and deaf culture in college. i work with children who are challenged with regulating their sensory needs. without my glasses or contacts, my sense of sight is impaired. i am happy that, for the most part, my senses are fully operating.