Tuesday, March 4, 2008

food and wine and other things

1) 150 bitsize cupcakes for an autism event. the puzzle pieces are made with fondant. additional fruitless minutes of glancing on my favorite dessert blog.
2) yesterday i went to fedex kinko's to fax something to the office. it wasn't until 24+ hours did i realize that i left my credit card in the machine. surprise - there are still honest people amongst us! i safely retrieved my card without any damages save the blow to my youthful memory.
3) maeve is back! our company has trouble with finding good therapists. maeve is an exceptional one. she has been gone since mid january, traveling europe in hopes to find inspiration for her screenplay. it's relieving that i can delegate assignments to someone so competent. she's good times!
4) ok, so the guy has grown on me...more so for the ease of his recipes rather than his humor, but i most admit that his corniness is growing on me too. sam the cooking guy offers cooking classes in san diego. i sent the link to veronna and cindy, indicating that i agree with their testimonies.
5) about a month ago, ry and i submitted a volunteer form for the first annual pebble beach food and wine event. when asked to list your related experience, i entered "i've watched all three seasons of top chef. i have accumulated over 10,000 points on opentable.com (i believe that i can take credit for this seeing that i am ryan's dining partner over 80% of the time), and that i enjoyed watching the film ratatouille. i was contacted today with a welcome letter and schedule attachment, asking me to submit the times that i was available to assist! ry was not - we were both confused. over 50 award winning chefs and 200+ wineries will be represented. it will truly be an epicurean event. so amusing that i will be part of it!
6) yet another thing i miss about san diego...karl strauss beer on tap! here you have the taster - six 5-ounce samplers of six different beers. from left to right - woodie gold, windandsea wheat hefeweizen, the amber lager (my personal fave), red trolley ale, stargazer i.p.a., and the special release. not bad for under $8!
7) i ended my workday fingerpainting with r. the easiest money i have made in my life!
8) "like a kid in a candy store" i'm sure this quote would be fitting when walking through powell's sweet shoppe in willow glen. as curious as i am to check out the mouth-watering treats, it would probably be wise to visit this store when i can actually eat the chocolate sweets! what is it...18 more days?
9) i was thinking today that if i move back to san diego, i would easily put on ten pounds within the first month. i envision myself eating carne asada chips from super sergio's at least once a week! it irks me that they call them "super nachos" in the bay area.
10) something to simply be happy and grateful for is food. i love to eat, and evidently, food occupies a lot of my thoughts. something to be even more happier is the fact that i haven't set foot in a gym in the last two years and am still 105 pounds! hmm...maybe i should rethink that whole carne asada idea.