Friday, March 14, 2008

mind your manners

1) one can analyze the adventures of alice in wonderland by dissecting each character and formulating interpretations. in my younger days, and especially as a child of 30, this disney movie was a mere escape to a world of enchantment. however, in keeping to this posting’s title, i’m realizing that this fairyland defies alice’s perceptions of good manners by constantly assaulting her with dismissive rudeness.
2) i’m a total geek for my sheer adoration of mr. clean’s magic eraser! some coworkers of mine suggested to use this product to clean my macbook. after transforming my laptop to its pristine condition, i investigated to see what other things i can use this handy cleaning tool on (walls, counters, purses – you name it!).
3) today is national potato chip day. potato chips were first made by chef george crum in saratoga springs, ny on august 24, 1853. why they chose to celebrate the crispy snack in march is beyond me. some examples of regional varieties of chip flavors that i’d be intrigued to sample include south africa’s beef jerky, the uk’s mozzarella tomato and basil and china’s cucumber. since trips to those countries are not in my immediate future, i’ll settle for a bag of kettle brand potato chips flavored with salt and vinegar.
4) as much as i pride myself in being an independent, self-sufficient woman, i enjoy the occasional niceties including the gentlemanly act of holding the door open. i am equally in agreement of returning the favor, so i think that’s why i appreciate it so much more. my dad never sat me down and told me what i should look for in a man. he demonstrated characteristics of what i should look for in the man of my life – someone who drives me to the entrance if it’s raining, someone who’s willing to carry a heavy load, someone who opens the door for me.
5) my funnel cake rule is basically my churros rule: ballparks, fairs, amusement parks or any vendor selling, i’m buying!
6) jill and i tried a red stripe at d&b about three years ago. since then, i’ve been hooked on the jamaican lager! in addition to this smooth libation, its campaign ad “hooray,beer!” is one of my favorites.
7) ryan bought us tickets for the alicia keys concert in may. it’ll be our first time hearing her live. she’s an extremely talented artist as well as a philanthropist. there’s millions of songs written about a love deeper than material or money. somehow, alicia’s songs hit me harder.
8) up until now, i’ve learned how to pronounce one of my most loved designer labels, joie (or “zhwa”). with his clothes sold at neiman marcus, bloomingdale’s, bergdorf’s and several boutiques, i’ve been lucky enough to find my joie apparel at loehmann’s. my favorite cropped green apple hoodie was designed my joie rucker. i’ll wear it until it disintegrates!
9) since i’ve already shared my love of beer again and again, i’m happy for a non-alcohol alternative….martinelli’s sparkling cider! just discovering that this juice company is based in the very city of my company’s office – watsonville! random. light, crisp, sweet – this is a great drink!
10) “thank you”, “please”, “excuse me”…sometimes hearing these small words at the right time is enough to brighten your day.