Sunday, March 2, 2008

pow(d)er of music

1) i completely forgot to call veronna's boys on friday. jacob and dj sang at their school's talent show. i went to their rehearsal two weeks ago. they have great voices! i still need to call buzz to see how it went.
2) we went to lake tahoe today to snowboard at northstar. we took ry's rx330. he takes pretty good care of his car so it was good to know that we would be getting there safely.
3) i constantly use lip balm - vaseline lip therapy, burt's bees makeup bag contains probably five different tubes. my favorite one is c.o. bigelow's mentha lip shine - orange cream. this company is a 168-year old apothecary tucked amid the bustling chic of new york city's west village. i love this product because it has a refreshing orange cream soda fountain flavor. it moisturizes, shines and freshens breath.
4) music is quite powerful. what is it about a melody that can stir up such a plethora of emotions? i use my ipod shuffle when i board. my playlist seems to evoke feelings of invigoration, excitement, and confidence when i'm freeriding. i don't think i can carve without it.
5) snowboarding...i was so discouraged the last time we went. it was the first time i took out my new board. it was a few centimeters longer than my old one so it shouldn't have been that difficult to transition. it was awful...tumble after tumble, my right leg was immobile, fearful - that was my emotional state the entire time. i told bobby about it and he suggested i take it in to file down the edges. ry took it into a shop and they did just that. defeat turned into victory! i rocked that board!
6) approximately one in ten people has reported having an out-of-body experience at some time in their lives. when i was riding to oh my god by mark ronson and lily allen, i joined the 10%. my carving was fluid. ry was taking "action pictures" of me so i could send them back to the family, modeling their birthday present to me. "i've never been this far away from home", sings lily. from sunny san diego to snow-covered hills, the lyrics couldn't have been more fitting.
7) fleece...another one of my favorite pieces of clothing. especially right after five hours of frosty weather.
8) so after playing in the snow, we had a four hour drive back home. jack johnson's in between dreams album made one of those hours go by quickly.
9) although i only fell a half dozen times on the mountain, i took a licking on the third run down. i fell right on my tailbone with the most excruciating pain! aptly, paul oakenfold's starry eyed surprise was playing on my shuffle. "seeing stars, i'm seeing stars". amusing thought now, wasn't at the moment. so i've been icing my bottom. not exactly a happy thought thinking of the incident but the ice has made it tolerable.
10) my last thought is a duplicate of last night's. a warm, soft bed.