Thursday, March 13, 2008


1) penny press word seek puzzles – veronna introduced me to these probably when i was in third grade. she taught me that words with double letters in it were easier to find. each issue has a timed word seek that penny press’ “expert” completes. i usually only need half the time (if that) that their expert needs to complete the puzzle. i can’t get enough of these!
2) unagi roll – ry loves unagi, i love cucumber…the unagi roll is the perfect combination of tasty fish with a refreshing, vegetable crunch! we can order a bunch of these!
3) tiffany bean pendant – noralie bought me this necklace a few christmas’ ago. it’s probably my favorite piece of jewelry. when i was working with a more difficult, challenging student, i would take my necklace off before our sessions. he had made attempts to grab it a few times. one saturday last fall, i forgot to take it off. he broke the chain. i need to get it repaired soon. absolutely love that necklace.
4) kites – this picture was taken at seaport village in san diego. there’s a store in the shopping center that specializes in a variety of kites. the location of this shop just happens to be near one of the best parks for flying kites anywhere in san diego. the waterfront area makes the breezes perfect for flying kites of all kinds. such a whimsical, eye-catching toy!
5) spring blossom trees – i took a picture of this same tree at school on february 29th. it had light pink flowers at that time. less than a month later, the leaves have turned a crimson red. not quite sure what happened to the tiny, delicate flowers.
6) victoria secret’s love spell scent - "a lavishly lush blend of cherry blossom, mugues, red apple and Georgia peach, with hints of tamarind and blondewood." or as jill would say, “you smell like hawaiian punch!”
7) terrell davis – born and raised in san diego, terrell davis made history in superbowl xxxii by scoring three rushing touchdowns. despite suffering from migraines and having to inhale extra oxygen during football games, terrell davis earned mvp honors in back-to-back superbowls. how’s that for strength?
8) lemon lime jelly belly beans – i think i might have consumed a pound of these chewy candies in college!
9) mom – i was on the phone with her this afternoon for about two hours. she had some heartbreaking news to share with me that left me in tears. it hurt me so much to hear her pain – an affliction that i think every woman can empathize with. she is, indisputably, the strongest woman i know.
10) “that which does not kill, makes me stronger.” i’ve been through my share of troubles, challenges, obstacles. as frightening as they were while experiencing them, i survived. knowing this makes facing any barriers to come easier.