Wednesday, March 19, 2008


1) i found this picture on one of favorite websites that i like to browse on a weekly basis ( it’s definitely a good reminder when things aren't working the way you wish them to.
2) y constructed this project for his kindergarten class. it seems like such a magical place, filled with flashing lights and glittery decorations.
3) i came across these cupcake wrappers on they sell them on for $14 for a package of 10. they have seasonal wrappers as well as wrappers designed with train, dinosaur, beach and star themes.
4) i forget how much i love the taste of grape juice sometimes. i especially like a cold glass of it on a warm day. it contains antioxidants such as flavonoids which are linked to a reduction in coronary heart disease and cancer.
5) apple sent ryan to new york city in may of 2006 for a conference. he had offered to fly me out there to spend some time with him but i wasn’t comfortable with that, nor was i sure of my schedule. a few days before he was scheduled to leave, i decided to surprise him and fly out to the big apple. it was by far the most impulsive thing i’ve done in my life! i took this picture while i was out there. his hotel was located right across the street from madison square garden. i literally flew out there for less than 48 hours of dining and shopping, and didn’t really get to spend too much of the day with ryan, but it was the best thing i could’ve done for my own personal growth.
6) i wish i watched the original iron chef series, as i hear they are far better than the current shows. nevertheless, i still look forward to sunday evenings to watch this intense cookoff.
7) perhaps i was more of a girly girl than i’d like to admit growing up. sleeping beauty was one of my favorite disney movies. i loved how the princess’ name was aurora, my grandmother’s name on my father’s side. i love the gifts from the three good fairies – song, beauty and a slumber that shall only be awaken with true love’s kiss.
8) jacky sent me this snl link to a skit the cast created for project runway. i can’t count how many times “christian” said “fierce”, “tranny,” and “hot mess”. hilarious stuff!
9) a simple particle of snow floating in the air seems like such a magical sight. i have yet to spot a snowflake on the slopes.
10) “life itself is the most wonderful fairytale.” i guess this is true. the world is full of different variations of princes, villains, and fairies. it is our choices that create the happily ever after part.