Tuesday, March 18, 2008


1) in hopes for a more healthier lifestyle, ry started planning our meals around the special k diet. this diet claims a six pound loss in a matter of two weeks. i don’t necessarily want to lose weight. i definitely need to get things tight and right though! so i stocked up on some special k cereal, cereal bars, and fresh fruits and veggies.
2) no need to argue by the cranberries is one of the few cds where i can listen to all the songs on the album. the lyrics are lovely and dolores o’riordan’s voice is heavenly. my favorite track is probably “dreaming my dreams” but i often fondly remember niko at five years old, screaming out the words for “zombie” in the car.
3) ah…george clooney…regardless of your sexual persuasion, who can not find beauty in this man? classically handsome with irresistible charm, he absolutely falls under the category of a happy thought.
4) my roommate has a chi hair straightener. it’s a pretty handy tool that flattens your hair and adds shine.
5) bobbi brown’s tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite beauty quick fixes! it’s just a daily moisturizer with an spf, but contains traces of a foundation. i am clueless on how to apply anything other than lip balm and, most recently eyeliner, to my face so this product is quite user friendly to the cosmetically challenged.
6) sugar snap peas were a vegetable that i picked up for our “diet.” snap peas are nutritious and filling, yet not as high in total carbohydrates and fats as normal peas. the pods themselves contain mostly water and vitamins.
7) asian pears, or as mom would call them, apple pears. this is a crisp, refreshing fruit with just a hint of sweetness to it. growing up, i remember mom saying how expensive these apple pears were so eating them was a rare treat. turns out they grow in great quantities in korea but are imported to the u.s. for this reason, the price tends to be higher and this fruit is often reserved as a gift or eaten together in a family context.
8) one of zoe’s favorite television shows is wonderpets. one of her favorite lines is “this is serious.” it’s amazing how she can pick up on language and use it in the appropriate context. she had repeated this phrase when she misplaced amy coe…definitely “sewius” stuff!
9) this is one of my favorite magazines. i think i’ve renewed my subscription with real simple at least two years now. i love all the articles…it’s a great combination of health, beauty, recipes and organization tips.
10) “happiness is never stopping to think if you are.” this was a daily thought my real simple magazine. simply said!