Monday, March 3, 2008

catching up

1) after two months or so of passerby hellos, ga and i finally sat down for lunch to get caught up. after an argument of great magnitude with adam, things are going strong for them. trivial disputes amongst teachers and administrators and exchanges of family endeavors were discussed. she has been one of the most essential components of j's success in the mainstream setting. professionally and personally, she's one of the best!
2) rommel knows me pretty well. it's astounding how many things we have in common and how similar our tastes are. we had breakfast last time i was down there. he told me i should watch that television show how i met your mother. i caught up on an episode yesterday. pretty good stuff.
3) i'm a big lily allen fan but much like most situations in my life, i tend to adhere to comfortability and preference. i usually just listen to smile and ldn. today i heard alfie for the first time. pretty fun song. definitely one of my favorite tunes right now (two years too late!).
4) as usual, i did a bit of of browsing on my favorite cupcake blog. i discovered this contest. submit a simple comment about why cupcakes rock and enter a chance to win this cupcake tee. cute right?
5) while i was catching up with ga at lunch, we got to talking about san diego. we both grew up there and eventually want to move back. she was asking if the reason for me returning was more about my sister's illness or if i wanted to be in that city. definitely a bit of both, but i just love it there. that's really where i belong.
6) "nook time", "let's nook it" some of my favorite phrases and activities with ryan. i fit perfectly in his.
7) i wasn't expecting too much from our take-out dinners at l&l. i ordered the kalua pork with cabbage. true to their description on the website, the meat was moist and succulent. i was quite pleased.
8) if you added another zero to my salary, i would definitely shop at anthropologie everyday! but a girl can window shop and thumb through catalog pages without causing too much damage. i was first introduced to this store my junior year of college. i was working as a student worker for the county and a social worker supervisor handed me the catalog, saying this store was perfect for me. some of the clothes are a bit out there (either too hippie or too loud of prints) but you can equally find as many chic and elegant pieces.
9) 90% of the time i talk to nagata, the topic of mochi in frozen yogurt is mentioned. he was the first one to recommend pinkberry. i'm excited to try this concoction of heavenly goodness. soft, creamy vanilla frozen yogurt, slices of juicy selections of fruit, airy pillows of mochi. yummy!
10) it's so easy to put things quickly our lists of things to catch up on multiply. we shouldn't be so certain that the things we delay will be there the next time we choose to make time for it. i'm glad i was able to cross a few things off my catch up list today.