Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter chicks

1) today is easter. i never really understood the meaning of eggs during this holiday. i figured with the resurrection of jesus, the eggs symbolized new life. the custom of decorating and exchanging eggs was originated by the egyptians and persians who believed earth hatched from an egg. i like england’s tradition of writing messages and dates on eggs and exchanging them with their loved ones.
2) i can’t remember which website i found this ring on. it’s a silver lever. the first tool that my dad taught me to use was a lever. he spent a lot of my childhood building things – birdhouses, patios, decks, a skateboard. while growing up, i would spend a lot of time hanging out in the garage with him. he explained how to use a lever to make sure the wood was a balanced surface.
3) cindy posted this picture of zoe on our family’s blog. she must have set up an easter egg hunt for the kids. when we were kids, veronna was good about celebrating easter with us, from dying easter eggs the night before to buying our easter baskets. it’s nice that cindy’s carried on the tradition.
4) emperor penguins are the largest species of penguins, standing at about 4 feet tall. they can dive up to 1700 feet and hold their breath for up to 22 minutes. emperors are also unique because only the male incubates the egg. upon laying the egg, the female passes it to the male and heads to the sea to travel to distant feeding grounds. the male is left to face the antarctic winter, carrying the egg on his feet for 15 weeks or more and losing half his body weight in the process. that’s crazy considering after human females deliver their babies, it’s common that they struggle with losing their pregnancy pounds.
5) so with the arrival of easter comes the completion of lent…well probably not exactly according to the liturgical calendar. but i know it means that i can eat chocolate!
6) here’s another picture that cindy posted on our blog. i love this picture of peyton! she makes me smile every time i think of her, and my smile gets bigger when i see a new picture of her. i’m always eagerly waiting for the next time i see her.
7) the lakers play the warriors tonight. i always get excited when i can my l.a. boys on tv! they match up pretty well with the warriors so it makes for a thrilling game!
8) i think these wind-up toys are hilarious! i’m tempted to purchase a few for j because he loves noodles, shrimp and eggs!
9) veronna left me a nice comment about this blog today. she inspires me to live a happy life.
10) i spoke with my parents today. sounds like dad’s planning quite a feast for dinner! it’s too bad that i’m not able to celebrate with them, but i like knowing what’s going on – i even appreciate what’s on tonight’s menu even though i won’t be sampling any of it!