Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"fierce" luxuries

1) i'm not sure when and why i became a coffee enthusiast. starbucks certainly falls in the "unnecessary luxuries" category. at $4 a coffee and $3 a pastry how can it not? the company came out with their "skinny" line a few weeks ago, but it'll cost customers $0.30 more. way to reward the healthy alternative! however, i noticed this week that my regular libation (tall skinny vanilla latte) is the same as its richer counterpart.
2) not exactly a necessity, but i used my tomtom gps navigation system today. i received this as a christmas present from j's family last december and haven't needed to use it until today. pretty handy tool.
3) this is the picture i brought to paul mitchell for the stylist to emulate. danielle and i attended an iep this afternoon together. i had just seen her the day before at our coordinators' meeting with a different 'do. after the meeting, she cut about 6 inches off her hair. cute results! she said my haircut inspired her new style. i love short hair!
4) erin came over to the house to watch the project runway finale. i hadn't seen her in months and it was so nice to get caught up with her. she has had the most unfavorable history of health and, unfortunately, is experiencing another pained case. she masks her ailments pretty well though.
5) all talk and no action...i say i'm going to write a children's book all the time but lack the resources. on you can actually publish, print and sell one! so what's my excuse this time?
6) as i mentioned earlier, the finale of project runway aired tonight. overall, i was left disappointed with all the contestants' collections. regardless of his attitude, i was rooting for christian to win. he demonstrated a strong and focused work ethic and appeared to have "put in his dues", working out of his tiny nyc studio.
7) the first time i went to dim sum was when i met ron's parents. i learned two things that day. one: you don't eat chicken feet like you would chicken nuggets. two: chinese restaurants do not serve lemon tarts. needless to say, i wasn't too huge of a fan of the experience. that has changed. some of my favorite dishes include har gau, bao, shrimp cheong fun, and siu mai. a reasonable luxury is my thought on this dining experience.
8) i love ryan's fleece usc blanket. within half an hour, curled up with his blanket on the couch, i am out like a light!
9) as much of a brand-whore that i am with fashion, i appreciate a good deal. i found this website it's smart. it shows a picture of a celebrity gussied up in their designer labels. next to the picture, the author of the blog displays her finds of similar clothing at fractions of the cost. i like sarah jessica parker's proclamation, "fashion is not a luxury. it's a right."
10) "we act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements in life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about." - charles kingsley...this is a nice way to look at the things that get us excited.