Saturday, March 1, 2008


1) we had the guys over for poker last night and everyone kind of let themselves out. we didn't lock the doors before going to bed. i noticed this morning when i was heading out for work. i've got to be thankful for safety.
2) i stopped by starbucks before my session with r. they had sample sizes of vanilla cupcakes at the counter. great buttermilk batter with a cream cheese frosting. caramel colored crystals sprinkled on the edges. it was a delicious way to start my morning!
3) ry bought a basketball a few weeks back but with the uncooperative weather we've been having, we haven't had a chance to throw it around. we got to today. it was nice to be out, take a few shots, have a few blocked. nagata came out and joined us too. i think as the weather continues to get warmer, we'll head out to the court more often.
4) i love my toe socks! every person who has seen me wear them thinks they're creepy, but it's one of my favorite items of clothing.
5) hahaha....i can't not laugh when i look at this picture! nagata was talking about adopting a dog last night so that got all of us looking at different breeds, and finding pictures of our "perfect" dog. ry came across this one of a corgi. love it.
6) mark has worked at xilinx for the past eight years now. friday was his last day. he decided to take out some of his closest friends out to dinner to celebrate his new job at texas instruments. being the wine lover that he is, we went to rubicon in the city. it was very generous of him to spoil us with a delectable meal.
7) after dinner, we headed out to a bar/club called temple. we walked straight towards the bar for a drink. andres biedrins was sitting on a stool right behind us. i'm not a warriors fan by any means but there's something about being in the presence of a professional athelete.
8) vodka and cranberry juice...haven't had one in a while. served strong and cheap - no complaints!
9) when we got home that night, ryan told me i looked nice tonight. i had a scrumptious meal, saw an nba pro, and woke up to find that nothing in the house had been stolen. yet, ry's compliment was my happiest thought!
10) a comfy bed...only 4 hours of sleep before we hit the slopes!