Sunday, March 16, 2008

in good hands

1) so we went out drinking at a neighborhood bar last night…i had a few bottles of beer which i can handle with no problem. what got me were the shots! this morning i woke up not feeling too well. ryan, as usual, took good care of me – buying me advil, gatorade and stroking my hair as i recovered on his couch.
2) i don’t know why i waited 10 years to start wearing eyeliner! i love this cosmetic! i alternate from brown to black depending on my outfit. but just a pencil thin line on my eyelid goes a long way!
3) mine and my family’s open and comfortable sense of humor most likely stems from several episodes of three’s company. i’m not too sure what i found so hilarious in this comedy during my elementary years…it’s amazing how so many peers of mine enjoyed it just as much without understanding all of its innuendoes!
4) i painted my nails. i never really paint my fingernails because an occupational hazard is chipped nails, thus chipped nail polish. the paint lasted the weekend.
5) one more week to go before sinking my teeth into a hunk of chocolate! this is a cute bar wrapper. on, you can find several novelty wrappers from climate change to a wonder bar, decorated with wonder woman’s costume.
6) we went to ryan’s sister’s certificate of merit piano recital. other instruments that accompanied her were the cello and violin. a piece that i found moving was johann sebastian bach’s cello suite #1, or what i previously called “a lexus commercial song”. after researching a bit more about this particular piece, i’ve learned that the prelude is probably the most recognizable set of the suites because of its regular play on television and films. that explains it! the cello is an intriguing instrument to me…although my focus in this blog is to highlight moments of happiness, i find that emotions of somber and melancholy are somewhat cathartic in achieving the state of joy. listening to musical notes of the cello fulfills that need.
7) again, my obsession for these trees continue to grow. within the last few weeks i am appreciating nature more than i ever have. i look at the changing colors of trees for the first time in my life with a deep admiration for mother earth’s works.
8) my splitting headache was quickly relieved with just two tablets of advil.
9) yet another addiction that veronna introduced me to! i used to eat a box of red vines each week in highschool! i’ve even finished at least 5 tubs of licorice in my lifetime!
10) i am very fortunate to have been so nurtured and sheltered by people in my life. being surrounded by my family – parents and siblings – i have never felt unloved for a minute! same goes for my relationship with ryan. i always feel loved.