Monday, March 17, 2008

me lucky charms

1) today is st. patrick’s day. in illinois, the chicago river is dyed green on this day. while the four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck, the three-leafed shamrock is mainly an irish christian symbol of the holy trinity.
2) i always make a mental note when i spot 9:19 on clocks. i played these two numbers, along with others, while playing roulette a few years back and i couldn’t lose!
3) this pic was taken the very first time i set foot on a golf course as an actual golfer rather than a designated cart driver. i went out to national city golf course with dennis, niko and ry and had such a great time! i was a bit worried because every time i’ve hit balls off grass as opposed to mats my contact and swing are horrendous! ironically, i hit the ball pretty well my first time out.
4) my parents bought me a cabbage patch kid one christmas. it was one my most memorable gifts as a child. her name was gerta nadia and i used to write noralie letters about her when she was living in the philippines. i remember taking good care of her. on my birthday the following year, my parents bought me another one but she was a preemie. her name was Gabriella. i remember the scent of both dolls were very distinct and baby fresh.
5) although it’s not looking too much like spring in the bay area, it’s just around the corner. for me, and plenty of others, that means allergy season! usually if i take a dose of benadryl the night before, i can make it through the day. fortunately, my allergies have been controllable the last two years. when i first moved up here, they were horrible! but i hear that’s common when one experiences a change of environment.
6) back in high school i dreamt about owning a british racing green mazda miata with tan leather interior and an optional hard top. i have quite a collection of photos of myself in a few of them. i should rent one for the weekend just to experience what it’s like to drive a convertible.
7) i don’t pamper myself as much as i used to when i was younger…although i get the occasional compliment of my skin being so soft, i took much better care of my skin years ago. i loved using loofah gloves in the shower! it was a great way to exfoliate daily. i guess i can always just pick up a pair the next time i’m at target.
8) my initials…i like how the look i this picture. a few years back, marianne and i went to vegas on a whim. since that trip, she has nicknamed me "jb".
9) i’m in a few ncaa tournaments on yahoo fantasy sports. i must admit that up until this year, i hadn’t seen a single college basketball game since senior year of high school. i’m not really sure why, but i followed that tournament closely. even now, and my memory is dreadful, i can name at least eight players who played in 95 (toby bailey, tyus edney, george zedek, ed and charles o’bannon, corliss williamson, harold deane). random, right?
10) not quite sure if i believe in luck. perhaps in keeping in accordance to “the secret”, that is probably the reason i haven’t witnessed too many chance opportunities. i do, however, remember some circumstances of luck. hitting that flush on the river comes to mind. but could it be that easy that just changing one’s expectations could determine an outcome? we shall see…