Monday, March 10, 2008

sweet & savory

1) the most popular piece written by johann pachelbel is his canon in d major. in music, a canon uses a melody with one or more imitations of the melody played after a given duration (think row, row, row your boat)! i find this piece very moving - classically played on the piano or a modern version like zox's punk/reggae rendition with violins.
2) jacky bought me a bottle of burt's bees naturally nourishing milk & honey body lotion for my birthday. it smells so sweet and is a delicate, silky lather.
3) jeff thomas is an 18 year old working on getting accepted in an illustration program in pasadena. i first came across his work on youtube. he draws characters named pon and zi. this picture reminds me of something that ry and i would do. this artist has plenty more delightful pieces, definitely worthy of happy thoughts.
4) the giving tree, written by shel sivlerstein, is a widely popular children's book. the parable is about an evolving relationship between a boy and a tree. everything the boy desires, the tree provides - from the branches to the apples to eventually the stump. although the story has endless interpretations, i view the tree as a parent with unconditional love for his/her child. the tree gives and gives without wanting anything in return. there are environmental angles to this story, as well as thoughts of the responsibilities of adulthood. others perceive the boy as greedy and never-satisfied. however, i love what timothy jackson, standford university professor had to say about this tale: "should the tree's giving be contingent on the boy's gratitude? if it were, if fathers and mothers waited on reciprocity before caring for their young, then we would all be doomed."
5) doodling spirals indicate personal stress and tension but with the readiness to challenge them. doodling houses refer to safety and security. i tend to doodle flowers, indicating a gentle personality and a childlike wistfulness. luckily, i don't draw roses with thorns which implies betrayals in love. national doodle day was march 7th.
6) again, to satiate my chocolate craving, i picked up a slice of vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and colored sprinkles.
7) i think i can go on an all beef jerky diet for a month! i especially like jack link's peppered selection and oberto's classics - oh boy!
8) cebu is my mental vacation spot! one of the most developed provinces in the philippines, it possesses all the attributes that define a tropical island. with its five-star hotels, golf courses, casinos, and white sand beaches, it's a highly desired destination!
9) when ry was living in the city, we went shopping in the marina district. we specifically wanted to check out the blue jean's bar, specializing in designer label jeans. i ended up buying this lakers shirt from retro sport. i can't imagine spending over $50 on a t-shirt now but it gets plenty of use - once a week now during basketball season.
10) "that it shall never come again is what makes life so sweet." simply put!