Thursday, September 4, 2008

fee, fi, pho, fum!

1) the defending super bowl champion new york giants kick off the 2008 nfl season for thursday night football.
2) apple gave ry a few recyclable grocery totes which i have found a multitude of functions for them.
3) barbie's dream house - was on my christmas wishlist for a few consecutive years, proving that i actually grew up as a girl.
4) a magnificent ring!
5) i am quite serious about writing a song about my feelings for pho. i miss authentically divine mexican food living in the bay area, but when i visit san diego, i have cravings for this vietnamese beef noodle soup that no restaurant can quench.
6) before i met ry, this picture would just resonate andre the giant, wwf champion who wrestled greats like hulk hogan, bret "the hitman" hart, big john studd, and jake "the snake" roberts. turns out his picture is linked to shepard fairey's obey propoganda.
7) heroes - currently one of my favorite tv shows.
8) james and the giant peach - one of my favorite books as a child, and a cute film back in '96.
9) sam the cooking guy's original recipe of goat cheese, sauteed spinach and porcini mushroom pizza replicated by my favorite chef, ryan.
10) standing at barely 5 foot tall, i am no giant by any means. i used to hate being so short during my childhood days but as i am accepting of the cards that were dealt to me, i must admit that i've embraced my petiteness.