Sunday, August 31, 2008


1) i worked with r today. in the past, he's demonstrated aversive behaviors associated with fine motor tasks, including tracing. behaviors such as dropping his body to the floor, throwing crayons across the room, defiantly scribbling on the worksheet...he traced his name beautifully today! without frustration or reluctance. i was quite taken back.
2) ry and i joke about creating a dictionary of our inside phrases and meanings. "frogs" refers to an unlady like behavior which i perform quite frequently.
3) i'm a fast food junkie, i'll admit that i am. with my job, and my lack of planning skills, i lived in and out of drive-thru restaurant windows for consecutive weeks at a time. to minimize my fat intake (and guilt), i would order the kid's meal. i got this happy meal toy a few months back but just opened it this past weekend to see if it would interest any of my kids. if you push the microphone up to the figure's mouth it plays a little beat. more of a novelty item for ry and i. the song's been stuck in my head all day!
4) what my kids snack on typically generate my cravings. last year, i favored gluten free pretzels from whole foods. this month, it's calbee's snapea crisps. these crispy bites originate from sun-dried peas and are baked which gives them their light and airy quality. very addicting...
5) in many ways, i am very female...i'm sensitive and emotional, i nurture my students, i love a good cosmo. in many ways, i am very non-female in that i do not accessorize. i don't wear much jewelry save a meaningful necklace. i have only one pair of sunglasses. i wear scarves functionally and not so much for fashion. and, i purchased my first belt this year! when i went down to san diego in june, i wore my favorite pair of citizens jeans with a tube top. my ensemble seemed to be missing something, so i grabbed cindy's brown woven belt. it was the perfect accessory and i've been on a mission to find one that is just as flattering on my hips!
6) although i still value a good cheeseburger or plate of carne asada chips, ry has influenced my thoughts on fine dining. for the first time, i watched a full episode of check please, bay area on pbs today. the program sends out three people to the same restaurant and discusses their opinions about the dishes on the show. stimulating debate among the diners which, in turn, causes the viewers to formulate a final answer by tasting the food themselves.
7) so after all those mock drafts yesterday, i still wasn't ready for my espn draft. i didn't care much for the application used for the live draft. it didn't list out all the picks that were chosen and what each team looked like. i'm such a visual learner, that these missing components threw me off. it was my first online draft so that in itself was pretty exciting. i'll be ready for tomorrow!
8) i fell in love with the west highland white terrier during the oscars last february when a cesar's dog food commercial aired. i saw a second commercial for the product this afternoon. this dog is adorable - it has so much personality and animation!
9) as much as i love to give my thighs and legs a golden tan, i love long boardshorts. this is a pair of billabong teacher's pet boardshorts. an eye-catching color scheme and a classic madras plaid print...wish i had these while we were milling around maui.
10) most of the names in my cell phone are coded. it worries me that if i ever lost my phone, a complete stranger would have access to all the names and numbers listed. ryan's name is saved under "boyscout"...he is always prepared. i constantly tease that he is. i like not always preparing for things and wait for them to happen, but i am also grateful that in those moments where being prepared is essential, i have my boyscout with me.