Sunday, August 24, 2008

the french laundry

1) lunch at the french laundry to celebrate ryan's 30th birthday.
2) the signature french laundry clothespin clipped to each perfectly pressed white napkin.
3) some type of fish atop a bed of seasonal vegetables.
4) wagyu beef that tasted more like meatloaf to me. i ended up giving half to ry.
5) a "deconstructed blt" i believe was my exact description of this dish.
6) passionfruit sorbet with crisped rice as a palate cleanser.
7) a special dessert for a special birthday.
8) an item on fl's secret menu, ry was clever enough to order the coffee and doughnuts at the beginning of our meal.
9) the french laundry garden in yountville.
10) despite my horrendous culinary vernacular and leaving the restaurant $800 poorer and my dress unzipped halfway down my back, this was the best meal that ry and myself have experienced.