Friday, August 29, 2008

hot child in the city

1) playing legos with y this afternoon.
2) with temperatures reaching the 90s, so thankful for air conditioning in the car and apartment.
3) kimi got ry tickets to a preseason nfl game for his birthday. we watched the niners vs. the chargers tonight.
4) my white pair of chuck taylors...timeless.
5) since tanning on the beaches of maui, i happened to pick up too much sun in certain areas. nothing a little aloe vera won't fix.
6) since moving into our apartment, i've been looking for ways to decorate our walls but capture a bit of my personality. this panda/flower wall decal seems to sum it up!
7) a sincere compliment, regardless of it coming from a creepy pervert, is a compliment nonetheless.
8) i have the tendency to fall off the fastfood wagon several times a year, leaving the drive thru with a feeling of guilt. however, on hot days like today, an orange hi-c from mcdonald's leaves me with zero remorse.
9) perry como's papa loves mambo reminds me of niko dancing in the living room in our 1595 house. some of my best saturday mornings.
10) i don't ever remember it being "too hot" in the summer as a child. perhaps we're so engaged with fascinating, carefree activities that rising temperatures go unnoticed.