Monday, February 25, 2008

weekend reflection

1) the oscars were on last night. i only saw a handful of movies that were nominated in various categories so i was mainly watching for the fashion. i liked this dress worn by french actress marion cotillard. she ended up winning the academy award for best actress for her role in la vie en rose.
2) i finally got to meet my newest niece, peyton brady . darling, cherubic, precious, beloved...i can go on and on. i quite literally could not take my eyes off of her! her sister, zoe kaida, bears the same remarkable traits. and to see zoe's compassion and adoration with peyton melts my heart. i like this picture. to me, the smile on zoe's face defines a love that is so instinctive it cannot be taught.
3) my guilty pleasure is being a couch potato. i love to watch tv! on sunday, i saw a commercial for cesar dog food. there was this charming white dog. the main phrase i remember from the commercial was "i promise i'll be there when you wake". i "googled" the breed of this dog. west highland white terrier, apparently recognizable as a mascot for a scotch whisky.
4) ah, vegas...ok, so that's not until april but i'm still very much looking forward to it! not so much the city itself but spending time with melanie, marianne, and theresa.
5) i'm spoiled by ryan. it was "rainy day recess" for us this weekend. we watched golf (well, he did i fell asleep), played scrabble and guitar hero, went shopping for our groceries for the week, and on sunday morning, he made me waffles.
6) although i'm not 100% catholic, i did make the conscious effort to oblige by the practices of the lenten season. i have abstained from eating meat on fridays and in addition, am on a chocolate fast. the first three days were a battle. twenty days into it, not so bad. i've even been perusing cupcake blogs ( with happy thoughts!
7) academy for salon professionals...given my wonderful experience at the paul mitchell school in san diego, i was on a mission to find a similar program in the bay area. i did thanks to!
8) this picture always makes me smile! ry found it one day and put it on his desktop. this corgi is so happy! how can you not smile when you look at this?!
9) whenever i think something is impossible, i think of j. his tenacity, strength and attitude are admirable. people think i am the one who has to have patience with him. i think it's the other way around. he allows me to push him because i know he can achieve it.
10) my students had last week off so my sleeping patterns have been even more unusual. i didn't fall asleep last night, or shall i say this morning, until 3:30. i woke up feeling soooo tired. but i woke up. that's what matters.