Tuesday, February 26, 2008

let there be light

1) the sun was out this morning. when i walked out into the family room, i thought the lights were left on from the night before because the room was illuminated with the sunshine.
2) my car started! it’s nothing out of the ordinary. i’ve had the original battery in my ford escape since august 2001. i know i should replace it soon, but i’m always so thankful to hear my engine run.
3) today is noralie’s birthday. her last birthday didn’t greet her with the best news, but she will be blowing out 41 candles today! her health has improved in the last few months. i can’t say there’s an improvement in her spirit because since she’s been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, she has been nothing but optimistic and hopeful. i know she must have her moments of fear and frustration but she still manages to stay strong and positive. i am happy that she is my sister.
4) i worked with y today. he refused to eat his peaches with me even though i’ve successfully got him to take bites, albeit minuscule in size, of his banana. he wasn’t as interactive or verbal with me today but upon arrival, he had the most pleasant smile on his face. it’s nice to be greeted that way…i should make that a habit to do the same with those who i encounter.
5) when i was in san diego last week, one of my first stops was henry’s to pick up some green apple licorice. veronna got me hooked on these last christmas when she brought some over for the gingerbread houses. the bag was gone within hours! i didn’t even get a chance to bring some home for ry to enjoy them with me. sooo delicious!
6) i worked with AS today in his preschool classroom. the kids were coloring when i arrived so i sat down and joined them. not too many people get paid for using crayons.
7) chronic headaches...that's been by ailment since age 18. tension, migraines, sinus - what type of headache is this one? i usually run right toward my excedirn migraine pain reliever bottle. today i decided to try out my little bottle of origins peace of mind. it's a sensory therapy lotion enhanced with peppermint. just a few dabs on your temples, earlobes and back of your neck relieves stress and, magically, my headache. i used it twice today.
8) after two weeks or so, i had a session with R. it's astonishing to see how much progress this child makes! he is talking so clearly and frequently. he cracked up every time he or i said "pepperoni". i hadn't heard him laugh like that in a while.
9) i'm the worse with keeping in touch with friends. and i consider jill my best friend. she sent me a simple text message to see if i was feeling better from my sinus infection last week. her friendship is one that i cherish and appreciate.
10) i have to be thankful for ry everyday. from the way he greets me when i come home to him doing the laundry. today he asked "how was your day?" like chris rock said, sometimes that's all we need to hear.