Thursday, February 28, 2008

full circle

1) i don't know which picture i should have posted...i've been thinking of making fried rice all week. target sells spam! i don't know what i was more excited about...finding spam or that target sells it.
2) without going into too much detail, my stomach was feeling a little funny last night. i woke up at around 3am this morning with "aches". popped two chewable tablets of pepto-bismol and i was all good. these suckers have never failed me!
3) today is ron's birthday. although my family keeps in touch and sees him more than i do, i am still very thankful to have him in my life.
4) - i have this website bookmarked. smile you're breathing...such a simple sensible thought. breathing just seemed like an ordinary response until noralie got sick. i unwittingly volunteered to donate a lung if that was necessary to ensure my sister's health. i was so oblivious to what that would really mean until noralie told me not to underestimate the strength of your lungs. who was i to think it would be so simple for me to breath with the same limited capacity that noralie had been?
5) this picture came up on when i searched "comfort". AS never has really taken a like into anyone other than jose, who works with him 30+ hours. i was sitting on a bench at recess watching y play on the structure when AS came and sat beside me. he didn't say anything but he looked unsettled. i'd like to think that by seeking a familiar person, he gained some form of comfort.
6) i am fascinated by this picture! they're cupcakes! it's vanilla cupcake batter mixed in with a bit of green food coloring, coconut, vanilla frosting and jellied candies. it doesn't sound like my most preferred combination of sweets, but i'm dying to attempt to recreate these!
7) i opened up a bank of america account last week and received my atm card in the mail today. i have a washington mutual and california coast credit union account but i'm especially excited about b or a's "keep the change" service. each time you buy something with your bank of america check card, they round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the difference from your checking account to your savings account. time to shop!
8) jose recommended this book he is currently reading: born on a blue day by daniel tammet. the author lets readers in on how his mind works - numbers have shapes, emotions have colors, and math is as easy as blinking. he can learn to speak a language fluently from scratch in a week and has a complusive need for order and routine. i think i'll pick this up's a nice window into my children's minds instead of guessing or assuming their thoughts.
9) the lakers are killing the heat right now! i know that's not saying much seeing that miami's current record is 10-44! they have just been playing extremely well. with the pau gasol trade, their record is 12-1! plus the fact that this game is on national television excites me because i rarely get to watch a lakers game up here...that is until sunday, march 23rd...ry got us tickets to watch them play the warriors. can't wait!
10) children definitely occupy most of my happy thoughts. i sent an e-mail out to penny and james because i can't stop thinking about their girls. i often find myself staring at my students with absolute wonder in my eyes and sentiment in my heart. but as far as having any of my own, probably not in my immediate destiny. but thank goodness for them...i'd struggle to come up with my entries!