Monday, October 6, 2008

life is sweet

1) vodka collins, or ketel collins to be exact. i have jill to thank for introducing this delightful beverage into my life.
2) pewter necklace with "love" engraved
3) san diego zoo has a panda cam widget. i can see these cuties 24/7 from my macbook.
4) a great scene from sex and the city is when miranda and carrie are sitting on a bench outside of new york's magnolia bakery, licking pink frosting off cupcakes they devour.
5) i came across this site on stumbleupon: 50 ways to chill. i have to figure out a time to read through some of the suggestions one day.
6) green apple gummies sprinkled with li hing mui, one of my favorite candies courtesy of marianne.
7) love this sign. i'm the exact opposite of ryan. i haven't worn a watch since the 4th grade, as if i even needed to be wearing one at that age seeing that i didn't have a ton of places i needed to be! be it the principle of style or punctuality, i do not feel the need to sport one.
8) love you forever, written by robert munsch, is a short story about the evolving relationship between a boy and his mother. so sweet and tender and always leaves me choked up a bit when i read it.
9) in the spirit of halloween, these adorable ghosts are created by smothering melted marshmallows over pears. mini chocolate chips for the eyes finish off this spooky treat.
10) it's so cliché to say "life is too short" but it's so true as well. might as well live life as sweet as you can.