Tuesday, October 7, 2008

little miss sunshine

1) the first week of october, 16 days into fall, and the sun was shining today! that has to be one of the top reasons people move out to california!
2) james sent this picture of pey today. she's about 8 months now...i spent most of the weekend with her, and she still occupies a lot of my thoughts! this picture is hilarious though. it captures a lot of this girl's character.
3) world smile day celebrates the ever popular yellow smiley. it also offers us an opportunity to do an act of kindness. the intent of world smile day is to do an act of kindness, or help one person to smile. harvey ball, a commercial artist from worcester, massachusetts is said to have created the smiley face in 1963.
4) the second presidential debate aired today at 6pm. it's embarrassing to admit that i have never voted, nor participated in a presidential election. being 30 now, and somewhat responsible, it is crucial that i partake in the election process come november. in so doing, i would like to make the most educated decision as possible which is why i chose to pay close attention to this evening's debate. i will definitely tune in for the third debate come october 15th.
5) this may not be the perfect segue from the presidential candidates, but new kids on the block are going to be in san jose on friday!
6) noralie sent me a link to a song that she recorded on myspace today. she had written a song influenced by her love and passion for the hawaiian culture. she sang it at steve's party on sunday. her voice is still as amazing as it was when she would sing in high school. it was the first time i have seen and heard her sound purely happy in a while.
7) james got me hooked on a game on espn.com, cameraman football . there are two pictures of a football play side by side and you're supposed to find five differences in the pictures within a certain time frame. the leading scores are ridiculous - scores that i will never achieve! but all in all, it's quite entertaining and addicting.
8) this month is breast cancer awareness month. the disease itself is not a happy one at all, but as i was shopping in safeway today, the employees rallied to raise a certain goal within the hour. they were quite enthusiastic and appreciative of any donation. it was inspirational to say the least.
9) jessica sent a family photo album labeled "fall" today. her family keeps growing, and the pictures keep looking more and more like they should be in some magazine.
10) i certainly don't appreciate all the freedoms that come with being an american. it's something that i feel like i take for granted. my rights are undoubtedly what i have to be happy for everyday.