Sunday, August 1, 2010

it's a line that's always running

1) rj finishing at a chip time of 1:35:46 - nuts, man.
2) nick finishing up at 2:00:23.
3) james finishing up at 2:09:31.
4) mikey finishing up his very first half marathon at 2:13:10.
5) me with my adorable godson, brandon.
6) one of my best dates with my fiance, ryan, at chef grant achatz's restaurant alinea. words cannot describe that experience.
7) stopping for drinks at the peninsula hotel. sad, entertaining then downright uncomfortable was the conversation of the couple sitting next to us. memorable nonetheless.
8) more drinks at the park hyatt on north michigan. not as entertaining of an audience, but spectacular view of the hancock building.
9) a flight of white wines at the sofitel hotel. great way to end our magical night of playful and innovative dining and spontaneous barhopping at the hotel we stayed at on our first trip together to chicago in 2006.
10) ezra from vampire weekend said at one of their concert's in england that the song 'cousins' "is about our two nations [america and england] and how they relate to each other". i, for one, just think this song is absolutely fitting for this post and makes me exceedingly happy!