Friday, January 1, 2010

MMX around the world

1) fireworks explode beside the london eye and the houses of parliament on the river thames during new year celebrations in london january 1, 2010.
2) new year's eve fireworks based on the theme "awaken the spirit" explode over the sydney harbour from six barges three hours before midnight on december 31, 2009. over 1.5 million sydneysiders and tourists were expected to line the harbour foreshores to watch 120,000 pyrotechnics usher in new year's day.
3) people admire the moment the sun rises above mount fuji, which is known locally as the "diamond fuji", from atop ryugatake mountain in fujikawaguchiko town, southwest of tokyo on new year's day january 1, 2010. mount fuji, at 3,776 metres (12,388 ft), is believed to be sacred and is seen as a symbol of good luck, more so during the new year period.
4) people watch new year's eve fireworks over venice's st. mark square flooded by high water, early friday, jan. 1, 2010.
5) a long-exposure photo created using sparklers shows children writing out "2010", celebrating on new year's eve in manila on december 31, 2009.
6) russians celebrate the new year on red square in moscow, with the kremlin in the background, right, and st. basil's cathedral in background, left, friday, jan. 1, 2010. tens of thousands of people gathered on the square to celebrate the new year, and view the fireworks as the clock on the kremlin's spassky tower, right, struck midnight.
7) fireworks from the space needle light up downtown seattle, washington to bring in the new year, as seen from kerry park, friday, jan. 1, 2009.
8) people sprint into the water as they participate in the traditional new years dive in the north sea, in the hague, on january 1, 2010. this year saw some 8000 participants in the dive, one of 63 dives across the netherlands.
9) fireworks explode in the sky over the ocean as seen from waikiki beach in honolulu, hawaii, on january 1, 2010 soon after the clock ticked mid-night announcing the first day of new year.
10) "we will open the book. its pages are blank. we are going to put words on them ourselves. the book is called 'opportunity' and its first chapter is new year's day."
-edith lovejoy pierce