Monday, November 3, 2008


i know that this blog was meant to focus on the positive moments that occur during my day. i have an exception today, and it's worth mentioning because it bothered me so much. i was sitting in starbucks on a drizzly, gloomy afternoon. the coffeehouse was packed with people trying to warm up with a cup of joe. this lady ordered over 6 hot beverages, carrying a double stack of drink carriers. she was obviously struggling while approaching the door, and what does the man in front of her do? he steps to the side. doesn't even think about opening the door for her...ass!

then later that evening, i took out a large bag of trash, and a full grocery bag of cans and bottles to be recycled. a few bottles fall on the ground as i walk out. there's a man talking on the phone in the parking lot, with a clear view and earshot of my clumsiness. i walk closer to the lot, with my hands full, needing to pull the door open to get to the lot where the trash chute is located, and what does this man do? he steps even further away from the door, and as i walk towards the trash chute, he exits from the very door i entered...ass!

my happy thought is to appreciate the true gentlemen out there. the small handful that there are!